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Agaves of Continental North America

Author: Howard Scott Gentry

The uses of Agave are as many as the arts of man have found it convenient to devise. At least two races of man have invaded Agaveland during the last ten to fifteen thousand years, where, with the help of agaves, they contrived several successive civilizations. The region of greatest use development is Mesoamerica. Here the great genetic diversity in a genus rich in use potential came into the hands of several peoples who developed the main agricultural center of the Americas. Perhaps, as the Aztec legends suggest, it was the animals that first showed man the edibility of agave. Evolution in use ranges all the way from the coincidental and spurious, through tool and food-drink subsistence with mystical overlay, to the practical specialties of modem industry and art. The historic period of agave will be outlined here as briefly as that complicated development will allow.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 671 pages
Title: Agaves of Continental North America
Author: Howard Scott Gentry
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Date: 2003
ISBN 10: 0816523959
ISBN 13: 9780816523955
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 2.0 ounces

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